Kathryn Ellis

BSc (Hons), RTT, ITEC, BTEC Dip (PTS)
I am a full member of the Sports Massage Association (silver level). My Sports and Remedial Massage training was with Oxford School of Sports Massage back in 2008, which at the time was one of only five accredited schools in the UK that taught the prestigious BTEC professional diploma course. This qualification has become the benchmark for quality training, and includes advanced remedial massage techniques alongside assessment skills, and an advanced working knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

My route into massage was through thai Yoga Massage which I first discovered when I watched a demonstration at the end of my yoga class back in 2004. I was completely captivated by the graceful, dance-like quality of both giver and receiver, the way each movement flowed into another. This wasn’t massage as I had ever witnessed before and I longed to be on the receiving end of it. I signed up for a massage straightaway and very quickly decided that I wanted to learn how to introduce others to its amazing benefits.

I have gone on to complete a number of thai Yoga Massage courses since 2004, including a year-long diploma course with the British School of Thai Yoga Massage, and an intensive 2 week advanced course in Thailand. I continue to learn my craft through attending advanced weekend workshops. I am registered as an advanced Thai Yoga Therapist with THAI (RTT), and teach diploma and short courses in thai Yoga Massage at the Central School of Massage.

I have since completed a number of supplementary courses. For a long time, I have had a keen interest in a form of deep tissue massage therapy called Structural Integration (sometimes referred to as MyoFascial Release) and have completed a number of advanced courses in this form of treatment. This type of soft-tissue therapy works with the web-like connective tissue (fascia) that surrounds and supports all the soft tissues, bones, nerves and organs. It aims to release, realign and to balance the body in order to alleviate pain and discomfort.

Whilst I’ve had a great variety of training in the types of massage over the last 10 years, I like to mix and match the different approaches according to the individual and his/her requirements. In broad terms, I divide my work into either a floor-based treatment (where Yoga Massage provides the framework), or a couch-based treatment (where Sports and Remedial Massage provides the framework). However, I invariably use a number of different techniques depending on the client, with the focus very much on the whole body.

I decided to start teaching a yoga class having been persuaded by some of my massage clients to provide a more structured learning environment for much of the advice I gave for them for self-help through movement. I am a passionate advocate of yoga and am a long-term practitioner (having started regular practice in the early 1990s). My own practice has changed considerably over the years, most noticeably over the last three to four years as I’ve moved from a more dynamic practice (Astanga and vinyasa) to a slower, more reflective practice. I found that the slower practice I prefer for myself is also very helpful for others who may have been injured from striving to achieve the perfect postures in more dynamic forms of yoga. Also, my experience and knowledge from years of remedial massage is invaluable in guiding students to a comfortable and safe version of each posture. To a casual observer, the class might look easy and straightforward, but each posture brings its own challenges. Most importantly, students are given time and encouraged to explore their own individual “edge” with lots of props and guidance towards a version that’s right for them.

I offer treatments in my wonderful airy log cabin with underfloor heating. The environment is perfect for floor-based as well as couch-based treatments. Located in central Leamington Spa with easy, on-street, free parking, it is just 10 minutes walk from the town centre and from the railway station.

Soft Tissue Therapy – Core Qualifications:

Certificate in thai Yoga Massage
November 2004: 30 hours

Diploma in thai Yoga Massage with British School of Thai Yoga Massage
Jan-Nov 2007: 250 hours

BTEC Diploma (level 4) in Sports and Remedial massage with Oxford School of Sports Massage
Apr 2008 – Feb 2009: 368 hours (including 100 hours written homework and 100 hours practical practice)

Certificate in advanced thai Yoga Massage in Thailand
February 2010: 60 hours

Certificate in CORE Myofascial Release, levels 1, 2 and 3 with advanced Rolfer, Noah Karrasch
May 2011 – Nov 2012: 108 hours

Soft Tissue Therapy – Short courses:

Thai foot massage: 2008 (7.5 hours)
Thai herbal compress massage: 2008 (7.5 hours)
Dissection of superficial fascia with Julian Baker, Imperial College, London: 2008 (7 hours)
Advanced TYM massage with Nicky and Fiona Smith: 2009 (15 hours)
Hot Stones massage: 2009 (7.5 hours)
Dissection of fascia with Julian Baker, Imperial College, London: 2009/10 (14 hours)
Rossiter rolfing bodywork: 2010 (15 hours)
Advanced TYM massage with Bob Haddad: 2014 (13 hours)
Advanced TYM massage with Howard Evans: 2015 (4 hours)
Advanced Soft tissue – vocal massage 2018 (8 hours)

Teaching Qualifications:

Yoga Teacher Training Certificate with Mark Freeth
May 2009 (90 hours)

City and Guilds PTLLS teaching certificate at Warwickshire College
Sep-Dec 2009 (3 months)

City and Guilds CTLLS teaching certificate at Warwickshire College
Sep 2010 – July 2011 (1 year)

Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Sarah Lo at Whitespace, MK
April 2016 (50 hours)

Other Qualifications:

BSc Hons (IIi) Music at City University, London (1985-88)

CAM certificate in Communications Studies including Advertising, Media, PR & Marketing
Sep 1990 – July 1991

ITEC certificate in Diet and Nutrition at Kingsway College, London (1998)